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This is the updated version of my website. Whereas the previous version simply displayed Notion pages, I built this site from scratch, giving me complete control over styling. This allows me to get around the limitations I've encountered in every other solution for hosting writing, allowing my ideas to be expressed with a bit more of the freedom they demand.

This is stage 3 of my thinking process: in stage 1, ranging from late 2020 to mid-2021, I learned how to develop novel conceptual perspectives on thought (e.g., Semantic Fracturing); in stage 2, mid-2021 to early 2022, I learned how to turn this skill towards conceptual perspectives themselves (e.g., Frame Hermeneutics and Conceptual Perspectives); now, I'm figuring out how to exploit the grand structure of conceptivity itself (the canonical description of this project being Every Canvas a Mirror). Words don't reach this farEverything you have read so far has been bound in a conceptive matrix, and is legible as communication on that basis alone. There is therefore nothing I can directly _communicate_ to you about the matrix itself: I cannot _tell_ you how to hack it, or even how to see it. All I can do is try to point it out and hope that you look not _at_ the pointer but _where_ it's pointing. But it points in a direction you have never been reflexively aware of, let alone capable of orienting towards, making this difficult for both of us., so it's hard to write about. But I'm trying.

There aren't very many things here, and I can't say that there will be any time soon: ECM alone took me over three months of consistent effort to write (though that time was also spent building this website). But there will be eventually. See my main writings here:

Main Sequence

A program for exploiting the conceptive nature of cognition in order to solve any solvable problem that can be cognized.
Every Canvas a Mirror
Posted on August 29, 2022 (ver 1.0). !c{Card image}{Minjeong An, A Study on Pink Lens Effect}
An exploration of the ways in which concepts fail to bind to reality, and of reality's failure to fall into natural kinds.
Posted on October 9, 2022 (ver 1.0).